Seeking but not finding the house builder, I traveled through the round of countless births. Oh, painful is birth ever and again! House builder, you have now been seen. You shall not build the house again. Your rafters have been broken down; your ridge-pole is demolished too. My mind has now attained the unformed nirvana and reached the end of every kind of craving. (Dh. 153-54.)

Amata Education Centre


Amata Education Centre is the “door of communication with the laity” for Brahmavihara Monastery & Retreat Centre.


The proposed design of Amata Education Centre

Amata Education Centre (First Phase) is a double storey building which consists of 7 dormitories, Shrine Hall, Meditation Hall, Cafeteria, Buddist Art Collection, Special Collection Library, Medical Room.

Various activities will be intended to organize in Amata Education Centre, i.e. Dhamma talks, Sangha offering, Youth Dhamma class, Spiritual counselling service, Free medical service, Buddhist festivals and celebrations, etc.

We will soon begin the construction of the "Amata Education Centre". You may support us by pledging the items as attached file below. Your generous support towards the completion of the Amata Education Centre are greatly appreciated.

Pledging Form (revised 13th July 2019) is attached pdf 30 . This project will be started to construct in the March, 2020.

By the blessing of the Triple Gem, and by the power of all the merits you accumulate through your meritorious deed, may you and your family be happy, healthy, well and peaceful always.